Methods of student assessment

If evaluation key element in the success of every business is in the field of education is of great importance it reflects the performance of the student and professor at the same time and this is what was discussed, Dr. Mohammed Hassan grace in his lecture that dealt with methods of student assessment and see how acquisition of information and skills that received the diagnosis of scientific achievements and to provide base data on all aspects of student and course materials and supervisor as well as to identify failures and try to overcome them down to the quality of performance hence the student assessment will help professor to stand at the strengths and weaknesses in the performance of work, and methods of evaluation tests oral and written and used periodically, as well as reports prepared of the most important methods of evaluation because it is one of the most successful means of improving student performance and its ability to expression and association and the discussion either of projects implemented by the student and the guidance of the banking or teachers, it is through discussion of the project show the true potential and cognitive science has and this is what arrive assessment comprehensive and complete the student and  thus to     development of  student IFC education which is attended by divisional home




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