The most important applications in blended education

Under this title, the college hosted a number of members of the ministerial team for e-learning to present a scientific event as part of cooperation between the units of continuing education and Ibn Sina for e-learning. The event began with a welcome speech by the Dean of the College, Prof.  Dr. Muhammad Jalal Hussein to the visiting delegation, followed by a speech by Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Sadiq, Director of the Ibn Sina Center and a member of the team, in which he emphasised about the importance of blended education,  then  Prof. Uday Ali Ahmed from the University of Technology ,  member of the Ministerial Team start to present his lecture in which he dealt with the most important applications in google package , which serves blended education, this event was chaired by Prof. Dr. Haider Hashem Zalzalah, Director of the Continuing Education Unit at the College, and assiatant prof ,Dr. Muhannad Munther Abdul-Ghani, Head of the Ibn Sina Unit at the College, and attended by  group of professors from the college.

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